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Anderson Seed Farms Inc. has been in the Certified Seed Business since 1958. We have seen the seed industry change and evolve in many different ways. In order to stay competitive throughout the years we have had to also adapt to the changing seed industry. Our seed plant has conditioned and sold many different types of seed; from soybeans, wheat, and millet, to flax, durum, Rye and barley. We take pride in that fact that we grow all of our own seed on our farm. We use our first hand data from our operation to judge whether or not a particular seed is worthy of our time and investment. We will not sell a seed product that we wouldn’t grow on our own farm. We are also an independent seed company. We are not owned or contractually obligated to sell a certain brand of seed. We produce and sell a combination of both public university and private seed. We have been in the wholesale and retail seed production business for 60 years and we look forward to being around for another 60 more!