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Spring Wheat

Anderson Seed Farms offers a variety of spring wheat seeds best suited to our growing area. 


WB9590- WestBred 9590 is broadly adaptive and has outstanding Yield potential along with good protein potential. It shows excellent standablilty and exhibits very good resistance to yellow (stripe) rust. This variety, if managed correctly, will exceed the top end yield potential levels for the industry

 WB9479- WestBred 9479 shows excellent yield potential but holds protein very well. It has excellent straw strength and test weight. It is the replacement variety to WB-Mayville but has a much better overall disease package.

WB9719- WestBred 9719 Is a widely adaptive spring wheat variety that shows exceptional yield potential along with superior standablilty. It shares a lot of the same characteristics as WB9653 but has much better protein potential.

Lang-MN - Lang-MN is high quality wheat that has high protein, very good test weight and an excellent disease package. It has excellent ratings in both Fusarium Headblight and Bacterial Leaf Streak, making its disease package top notch!