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Looking for high tonnage and elite forage? Look no further then our offering of silage corn and alfalfa. 

Silage Corn

HiDF- 3290-9: This is a Dairyland Seed Co., 90 day silage maturity corn that has proven year after year great performance. It is a tall, robust, type of plant. It has superior tonnage capacity but is a silage only type of variety due to its low lignin levels.

HiDF- 3197RA- A Dairyland Seed Co., 97 day silage maturity Refuge in a bag silage corn. It has been one of the most popular silage corns. It features high starch content and high tonnage potential.

HiDF- 3099RA- A Dairyland Seed Co. 99 day silage maturity corn that has HUGE tonnage potential. It is an extremely tall hybrid that has elite silage yield. It can handle tough acres and its semi-flex ear provides population flexibility. 


Magnum 8- Alfalfa is a NEW Dairyland Seed Co., Alfalfa that is the highest yielding non-hybrid alfalfa Dairyland has produced. This is a highly digestible forage that produces strong yield across many different environments. It exhibits high levels of resistance to most alfalfa diseases including resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 2. 

Magnum 7/Wet- A Dairyland Seed Co. Alfalfa that is a branch-rooted alfalfa that is designed for your toughest conditions. It has excellent forage quality and an exceptional disease package.

Magnum Salt: A Dairyland Seed Co., Alfalfa that exhibits excellent salt tolerance. It was selected and bred from the saline soils of North Dakota. It has very good forage yield potential and his also able to thrive in wet soils.

Hybriforce 3400: Is a Dairyland Seed Co., Gen-3 hybrid Alfalfa. It is the highest yielding alfalfa produced out of Dairyland and it is on average, 10.2% better than the top competitors! it has 2.4% lower lignin than competitive varieties as well. It is very fine stemmed and palatable along with awesome leaf retention in both good conditions and under stress. THIS ALFALFA IS THE TOP DOG!